Samridhi Mala consists of 1-14 mukhi Rudraksha, Gauri Shankar, and Ganesh Rudraksha. One who wears it will achieve overall success in all walks of life and be capable of overcoming all the hurdles in their life. This Samridhi Mala will help the wearer take the right decision in his life, trigger financial growth and bring prosperity to life. This holy Rudraksha also helps cure mental illness and provides immunity to face difficult circumstances. The wearer feels the strong aura surrounding him.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

  • Origin: Nepal (Except 1 mukhi which is Indian)


Lord Shiva says that one who wears all the beads (from one to 14 mukhis) becomes full of Shaivatva.”

Samridhi Mala is one of the most powerful Rudraksha, which helps to create a positive aura around him. It is a rare, powerful healing mala worn for getting blessings and direction in life. It can fulfil all aspire and desires of the wearer who want to achieve all in life. It helps to remove many obstacles the wearer may have related to health and other things. It brings so much positive energy, transforming into all life’s success. All the beads combination brings the true blessings of Lord Shiva to the wearer, making him Shiva himself (i.e. giving him all blessings possible from the lord himself). The healing power of the bead combination makes the chakras clean and soft. The flow of energy in our body gets all blockages healed slowly. Transformation of thought happens soon, and contentedness brings another blessing. From an astrology point of view, all the planets get their satisfaction from such a person wearing the mala, and the obstacles from the wrong positions slowly heal. This powerful Samridhi Mala helps the wearer to achieve positivity in life. This bead can help you to transform your failure into success.


Why should you wear Samridhi mala?

Everyone needs positivity in life, and this Samridhi Mala helps achieve the same. The main purpose of wearing is to get a smooth and happy life where the person can feel the positive energy flowing within himself. This Samridhi Mala is recommended for those who want to achieve spirituality, peace and success. This mala helps to earn prosperity and lead life in society. It is also for self-healing and curing diseases, including those incurable ones. All the beads combination brings the true blessings of Lord Shiva to the wearer, making him Shiva himself ( i.e., giving him all blessings possible from the lord himself ).


How to wear the mala?

To get maximum benefits, wearing this samridhi mala around the neck is recommended as a mala that touches the skin directly. For easy wearing, the neck part of the mala can be made with small smooth beads. It can also be kept at puja and worshipped for full blessings and a positive aura.


The Samridhi Mala consists of 1-14 mukhi Rudraksha, Gauri Shankar, and Ganesh Rudraksh of the following size and weight. It comes with or without silver capping options.

1 Mukhi = 30-35mm | 3-4gms

2 Mukhi = 13-17mm | 1-1.7gms

3 Mukhi = 15-18mm | 3-4gms

4 Mukhi = 20-22mm | 4-4.5gms

5 Mukhi = 20-22mm | 4-4.5gms

6 Mukhi = 20-22mm | 4-4.5gms

7 Mukhi = 20-22mm | 4-4.5gms

8 Mukhi = 24-26mm | 4-5gms

9 Mukhi = 24-26mm | 4-5gms

10 Mukhi = 24-26mm | 4-5gms

11 Mukhi = 24-26mm | 4-5gms

12 Mukhi = 24-26mm | 4-5gms

13 Mukhi = 27-30mm | 5-6gms

14 Mukhi = 27-30mm | 4-5gms

Ganesh Rudraksh = 20-22mm | 4-4.5gms

Gauri Shankar Rudraksh = 32-35mm | 5-7gms


All above beads come with the proper Lab certification which is ISO certified and their certificate numbers are duly authenticated on Lab’s website.

13 and 14 mukhi comes with IGL certification. 14M will also come with a X ray report.


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