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7 Chakr Bracelet


Chakras are the energy centers that interact with our bodies on a physical and energetic level. 7 Chakra stones help in balancing & opening the 7 chakra energy points of your body. They hold vibrational energy and transmit this energy to us to help balance our emotional, physical, and spiritual energies. They have the power to heal the deep issues and bring good health, prosperity, and happiness in life.

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There are seven chakras inside the body, which help to maintain the flow of energy in the body beginning from the base of your spine and moving upwards to the crown of your head. It helps keep the seven Chakras at their right energy levels, causing the wearer to feel more balanced. These act as an alternative medicine for curing physical, spiritual, and emotional ailments and promotes vitality. 7 Chakra Bracelet has 7 colored stones representing a different chakra, and we can use the bracelet to channel our focus into balancing the chakras and our health.


Benefits of wearing 7 Chakra Bracelet:

  • Holding the colorful energies, this bracelet exalts the planet Venus.
  • The lively band puffs you up with divine energy.
  • The primary effect of this product is the alignment of all the Chakras to improve the quality of life.
  • Additionally, it aligns your body, mind & soul and purifies your aura.
  • This divine bracelet helps you succeed in spiritual practices such as meditation, prayers, chanting, Reiki, chakra balancing, Kundalini awakening, etc.
  • 7 chakra bracelet removes confusion and gives mental clarity with which you no longer need external guidance. 
  • The bracelet of Venus is obvious to enhance your attraction power, physical appearance & facial lustre.
  • Promoting the virtuousness in your demeanour & life, the 7 chakra bracelet helps eliminate bad addictions such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.
  • This divine bracelet speeds up the body’s healing process, thus keeping you healthy all along.
  • It opens up the doors of intellect and possibilities, thus, attracting higher & positive cosmic vibrations.
  • Being immensely positive wards off the negative vibrations in/around you and fills you with positivity. 7 chakra bracelet is no less than an amulet to protect from the evil eye & evil energies.


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